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Sri lanka Frogmouth

A roosting Frogmouth waken by sounds.

Fairly uncommon breeding resident in the wet zone, Can be found in rainforests and short distance woods. The frogmouth don't usually stay out in the street in the forest you are looking in. It roosts in bushes, It keeps half of their eyes open and stay's still and camaflouged to get away from predators such as snakes, eagles, Hawks and many other predators. The male is grey and the female is brown with white spots on its breast. The frogmouth stays quite low and it eats little insects.


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Yellow browed bulbul


Fairy common breeding residence throughout the country. The yellow browed bulbul is a little yellow bird just as the size of th white browed bulbul. It can be found in rainforests that are mainly in the wet zone. The yellow browed bulbul has light brown wings and a yellow bellie. The yellow browed bulbul has a screeching sound similar to Chek chek chrrrrrr.... Yellow browed bulbuls stay in pairs and can be found into the forest,it sometimes can come out onto the street in the forest. The yellow browed feed on insects, fruits, rice and some other foods. You can find the difference between the yellow browed bulbul and the white browed bulbul is by their looks. The white browedbulbuls face and bellie is different from the yellow browed bulbul's. This birdis easy to find in rainforests such as Kitulgala and Sinharaja.


Chestnut Headed bee eater

      rather uncommen breeding  resident locally from lowlands to mid hills.

Smaller than the Blue tailed.Chestnut crown,nape and mantle,yellow throat and cheeks with diffuse black goget, and pale blue rump.