flamingos have arrived in mannar !

when we were riding through the vankalai sanctuary we saw a flock of flamingos about a kilo metre away from the main road. We decided to just add the bird to the list and move on, but when we were just about to leave the sanctuary to get breakfast, the flock started to fly towards us. This photo was taken when they were about 400 metres away from us, flying at a really low level.

Groups of Glossy Ibis's recorded in Mannar

On the first day of the trip, we stopped by a small water pond only to see a group of Glossy Ibis's. The Glossy Ibis is not a normal visitor to Mannar and we were quite suprised to see as many as we saw there. This might be turning around all the information that is contained in field guides....

We are quite certain that we saw the total of 50 ibis's throughout the trip.

Spot billed duck returns!!

Early morning in the Vankalai sanctuary, members Sajith De Silva and Banuja Nethusara recorded an Indian Spot billed duck along with a group of Gargenys. Both the sightings were recorded before in this area. This has brought us to believe that the Spot Billed Duck will soon be a common migrant or a resident to Sri Lanka in the upcoming years...


eurasian marsh harrier spotted in Mannar

a Eurasian Marsh Harrier was spotted by Sajith De silva and Banuja Nethusara near the Vankalai sanctuary in Mannar, just past 7 AM. It was quite a blur record but after confirmation it was recognized as a Marsh Harrier, but it is still been confirmed under proffesionals.

2016.02.14          Montagu's Harrier

An juvenile Montagu's Harrier has been recorded from Mannar by member Sajith De Silva on 2016.02.14. It was been chased by a flock of rose ringed parakeets.

2016.02.14         Indian Spot Billed Duck

Two Indian spot billed ducks have been recorded from Mannar by member Sajith De Silva on 2016.02.14.

 14.02. 2016        Slender Billed Gull

A Slender-billed gull has been reported from Jaffna by our member Sajith De Silva. It was with a flock of brown-headed gulls. 

2016.02.14    Hume's Whitethroat

A Hume's whitethroat has been recorded from Mannar. It was skulking inside a bare srub.

2013. 12.09        European roller

An juvenile European roller has been recorded from Palatupana, Yala by member Sajith De Silva on 2013.12.09. It is a vagrant species.