Kind regards


Kind regards


Hey i say KINDEST regards


How the club was created

Brown hawk owl, Captured by sajith, in front of Banuja and Senuja's house.

Banuja,Sajith and Senuja started this club because Banuja and Sajith was into birdwatching and Senuja was into wildlife photography. They started this because Banuja wanted to make a Website and he found Banuja told Sajith and Senuja about it and they thought that it was a great idea. They first edited the club and did everything they can to improve the club. They wish that people like this club. Sajith worked hard on taking photographs and so was Senuja and Banuja. They read dozens of birds books to collect information. They wanted this club to be the best club.😀

Serendibs birds club

created in 2016.12.20

Total of Sajith- 241

Total of Banuja- 184

Total of Senuja- Unknown (do not birdwatch)